Hello Friends

I just started using a brand new sales and marketing system which I think is awesome!

So I want to get the word out to all of my friends!

I am inviting you to attend the Thursday webinar at 1:00 PM EST. ( next webinar after tomorrow, jan 4 1pm)
You will love it, and the information that you will get will surprise you.
Just go to
I recommend you get there a few minutes early.
At the left upper corner click on Enter Meeting, and then click on the blue highlighted area
that says “first time users click here” , then put in your full name,
and you are in!
(mac users simply click on mac log in, put in your name , no password needed)

I will be there and my professional salesman Peter Victory will also be in attendance.
He is very knowledgable and will be able to groove you in to exactly what this system
can do for you!

You can also contact him directly at
1-800-463-4105 ext. 124 or
his SKYPE : petersuniverse
if you want more information and
he may be able to offer you an extra incentive if you want to start right away.
Just tell him Tim Robbins sent you!

This is a golden opportunity for you my friend!

If you want to see how it works go to my site:

your abb link here

If you like what you see so far, just pass on this email.

Thank You,

About Tim Robbins

As a Professional I have been in the Marketing business for over 40 years, I mainly focus on the service to Business Owners and Company support. "Dedicated and committed to improving the Marketing of Businesses today" With Technology only ever dream of that will drive more business to your business. We are online,live and Monetized and mobilized and app up and we guarantee what we do. No If or Buts

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