How To Take Back Your Home from Banks that Want to Take It Away! Insider Secret That May Help!

Statistics now show that approximately 8 out of 10 loans written between 2000 and 2005 have some type of violation written into them. This could lead to cash back to the client, principle reductions, Loan Modifications and in some cases complete relief of the loan liability. This can save thousands of homeowners from being thrown into the street; the biggest problem is your bank is not going to tell you this because they can lose their note on your home.
If you received a mortgage in this time frame you stand a good chance of saving your home from the Sheriffs gavel or the Mortgage Company taking your home from you.
If you have a mortgage and you took out the mortgage in the years 2000 to 2005 and you had either a sub-prime loan or maybe you were one of the people who took out a liar loan or a pay-option arm with the infamous 1% start rate This article is Written for you.
The Following Facts are for you to see if you are affected
If you think you might have an issue with your loan or don’t know if you have an issue, why not get a Forensic Audit!
What they are looking for:
Forensic Audit on all Loan Documents!
– Original closing Package
– TIL, GFE, APR, INDEX, Margin Calculations
– Rescission dates and notifications
– Appraisal and Escrow
– Looking for Ammunition for Negotiations
– Violations are RAMPANT!
– Estimates at over 80% have violations
– More thorough review of the case.
What happens if violations are found?
Studies show over 80% of Mortgage loan closing documents have violations!
– Monetary damages up to 3 years interest payments.
– HUGE leverage in Negotiations
– Lenders has 20 days to respond to a written request.
– Lenders have 60 days to Cure (fix) the problem.
– Loan Modification decision in less than 90 days.

If you don’t have the documents listed that okay the lender has to produce the originals including a copy of the note to the attorney who is furnishing the Forensic Audit.
– TILA, RESPA, Good Faith Estimate, Payment changes
– Adjustment period, APR, margins
Sample Results of an Audit that can change your whole outlook!
– If violations are found, the borrower may be eligible for complete relief of the predatory loan or a very favorable Loan Modification.
– Complete relief of the predatory mortgage is called as a loan rescission.
– Meaning the lender takes back the “predatory Loan” and awards or Credits back to the borrower all the interest made on the payments thus far, Loan Origination Fees, all applicable Lender fees. Penalties and attorney fees will also have to pay, this is not a joke but nobody in the banking industry wants you to find out about this huge problem.
Major VIOLATIONS DO happen!
Everybody Wins!
– The best part about it is now you can mediate the loan with your lender and fight for an affordable Loan Modification based on the legal violations on the loan.
– The homeowner has their loan fixed and may have their principle balance reduced.
– The lender does not lose their shirt because they have mediated the matter without employing their full legal staff on the file wasting operating expenses.
Remember this it will cost your lender around $70,000 dollars on average just to defend their position and take you to foreclosure not to mention and penalties for violations by not properly disclosing the loan. The laws of disclosure are very clear and must be followed by every loan ever written.
Benefits of Forensic Modification If violations are found that will save your home!
– Faster results than standard Loan Modification
– Most cases resolve in 90 days max
– Better leverage for negotiations
– Power shift to clients benefits
– Legal department/not loss mitigation department
– Client could be awarded damages
– Client could rescind the loan (walk away)
– Nobody is really doing them yet!
– Short cut!
If you have a Mortgage that you received between 2000 and 2005 you stand a good chance of savinig your home. If you know of someome who is in trouble pass this article on to them or send them to So they can get a copy if a Free Report Called “Saving My Home” or RT-@timrobbinssr

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