Secret of Why African American Often Makes Huge Income in Home Businesses – Stats Prove It!

Secret of Why African American Often Makes Huge Income in Home Businesses – Stats Prove It!
By []Tim G Robbins

So what is it that makes them excel in home business?

The true secret lies within the spirit that has raised them from adversity, which was cast upon them since the beginning of time. Now that they have proven that a man of color can even be President of the greatest country on earth if they choose. This has proven that with tenacity and the willingness to keep moving forward trying over and over again until they get the whole donut. Which the saying “Don’t Quit”!

So why would a white man write this article?

The reason is quite simple; its because of the fact that as a whole he believes that the African American truly wanted more and are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. This has been proven over and over again through the centuries that even in the face of adversity they “Don’t Quit”

The saying “Don’t Quit” these are the words that have emulated over centuries that the African American community has been working on and now they have proven it. This is what it takes to get to the top! Are you one of these people that no matter what the color of your skin or your ethnicity you keep striving for better and keep on getting up, keep on moving forward no matter what is in front of you.

This is what it takes to be successful not only in business but in life! In any home business it takes the stick to it attitude and social networking with everyone you meet. See the way I see it; it has nothing to do with the color of the skin or the eyes or any other issues. Its just about sharing the dream just like the African American did to climb out of the hole that they were placed into by no fault of their own. This is something that every person no matter what or where you are needs to live it, not just practice it every day throughout their life.

When you find the right opportunity and you drive forward to be successful you need to share it with all people and it does not matter who, what or where they come from or what the color of their skin is because each and every person deserves an opportunity in life. No Exceptions!

The problem with many people is that they do not want someone to get ahead of them instead of joining them! They will use any excuse including color, race or luck! In business there is no room at the top for this type of narrow mindedness or ignorance. We as human beings in the greatest country on earth need to come together as one just like the African American people have done too get to the top.

Opportunity is all around each and every person who wishes to achieve success and by joining hands sharing our wealth of knowledge with one and other every person has the chance to get to the top and be successful. In whatever you choose to be part of in business never ever stop sharing and paying-it-forward. The real issue here is do you have the African American drive to succeed in the face of adversity and learn to work together no matter what the other crowd has to say.

Remember this; No man is an island unto him/her self and if you truly want to be successful in life than join hands and share more. This is why the words of “Pay-It-Forward” have never in history had more meaning! If each and every person in this world just did it onetime this world would be a better place for people of every race, religion or creed.

When and if you decide to climb up from adversity and decide not to make excuses and all the other terms not mentioned here reach out to each other and “Pay-It-Forward” without a color code. You will achieve not only financial success, but life success in this country. The opportunities in this world can do for you if you are willing to just “Pay-it-forward” just one time. In a home business this is what makes you successful each and every day if you are always share with people you come in contact with and share it from the heart and not from the pocket.

So do yourself a favor and do what the African American has been doing forever “pay-it-forward” to each and every person you come in contact with and you will be truly rewarded. To your Success “Pay-it-Forward” and pass this on if you believe!

Want to be successful in life and in Business Tim Robbins world renown achiever has found what is takes to get to the top of your chosen profession and has entered the Home Based Network marketing business to share and Pay-It-Forward If you want to learn more and share the dream along the way and learn from the best go to []

Article Source: [—Stats-Prove-It!&id=3378149 ]—Stats-Prove-It!&id=3378149

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