Reverse Mortgage Margins Are Changing Rapidly Which May Cause Seniors to Receive Less

Reverse Mortgage Margins Are Changing Rapidly Which May Cause Seniors to Receive Less
By []Tim G Robbins

We have seen many changes in the Reverse Mortgage industry, from increased property values in 2009 to increased program choices and flexibility. The latest and the most important changes are the increases of margins and lenders not going to live interest rate pricing. The conventional side of the mortgage industry has been using live pricing for a few years. Now it has come to the Reverse Mortgage segment of the industry.

For seniors who have been sitting on the fence and not making a decision whether they are going to proceed they need to make a move quickly. The reason it is important to make a decision is simply because with the increase of the margins to record highs means that there will be less money available to the senior homeowner at closing.

Since the changes of 2008-09 which where major changes to make the program more viable and attractive to many seniors, especially with lower interest rates. But with the volatility of the financial markets it is becoming increasingly important to make the purchase of mortgage back securities more attractive to investors. Fannie Mae who has been in the news over and over again and who has seen major changes in the way they purchase mortgages from lenders, now needs to be able to attract new investors of Reverse Mortgages.

With a massive increase in the amount of Reverse Mortgage closing over the last two years it has become increasingly more important for the industry to be able to attract other investors of Reverse securities to make more money available to lenders so they can lend to other seniors. We have seen the following changes in the margins, which are added to the indexes to come up with the effective rate of interest. First let’s look at what the indexes are and how they are determined. There are basically two indexes in the market the first is the CMT or the Constant Maturity index of the treasury. The second and one of the newest is the Libor index which is the London Interbank offered rate. This is the interest rate that is paid to US depositors in London banks.

Once you have the index the lender then have a margin which is basically the profit for the lender and the investor and this is a fixed amount. We have seen the margins go from .75 to 100 to 150, 200, 225, 300 and who knows where it is going to stop. The margins have changed over and over again in the last six months. We have even seen them change in a single week so when a Loan officer is meeting with a senior the amounts they are speaking about are changing at the same time.

If a senior is reading the article they need to make a decision now so they can maximize the amount of money that they can receive because the difference in the margins can have a major effect on how much they can receive. Now this does not mean the sky is falling in because the Reverse Mortgage is still one of the best choices for a senior when you compare it to taking on a conventional mortgage with payments, if they can in fact even get one in this trouble market. With the increasing problems with qualifying for a mortgage a senior may not even be able to get a traditional mortgage. The Reverse Mortgage is today truly the only No Doc loan available in the industry and is only exclusive to seniors over the age of 62.

But the day of sitting on the fence to see what is going to happen to the real estate market is no longer and good decision for many seniors who maybe undecided or just not informed on the value of the program. It still is amazing how many still listen to people and stories that they hear how things that happen that are nothing further from the truth. There are still untrue myths out there that many people are still listening to instead of getting the truth in writing from the real sources, the people and professionals who are the experts of the Reverse Mortgage programs.

Do I believe that the programs is for every person the answer to this is NO the program and no programs can fill the needs of every person all of the time. But it is the only program for seniors that can give them piece of mind of knowing that they will never have to make a mortgage payment, and will never have the fear of loosing their home because they cannot afford to make a payment and it is the only program that is going to give them money with a hole array of choices of how they would like to receive their money. There is not other program in the world that will give the flexibility of the Reverse Mortgage and allow you to take control of your finances for the rest of your life, and at the same time make it so that your children and or heirs not responsible to pay off your debt. So if you are a senior over the age of 62 and you own a home or you would like to own a home and you do not want to have to make payments for the rest of your live take the next step and speak with a professional in the Reverse Mortgage industry and make the best decision of your life since the day you purchased your home.   

Tim Robbins,Sr is a senior Reverse Mortgage Specialist with Equitable Reverse Mortgage. The main goal is to provide the best education resources available and to all place the seniors first and foremost. My website is designed to give you all available information which you can review either in print or video by visiting for all you senior resources you may need for a good life. Also contact me Toll free at 800-610-3599 for a Free Report on Reverse Mortgages

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