Why People forget the most important issue that they face

Most people think it can’t happen to them!

The protect their home,car,boat,health and life but they forget the most precious thing of all their person. So what does that mean their person, well it’s really and epedemic that most people really don’t much attention to until it’s too late. They go along paying all the insurance payments each and every month on things that can be replace very easy.

But what will you do one day when your policy comes up for renewal or you are driving down the road and you get stopped by the police for something really not that important. The officer comes toyou and ask you for your license and he takes and runs you through the computer and it comes back that you have outstanding warrants and you know you did not wrong.

He tells you to get out of the car and places you under arrest and takes you away in front of your family Now what! You go to the police station and they tell you that you have been arrested for theft or some other crime, do you think they are going to take your word that you never did anything in your life. If you think that you are sadly mistaken, you are going to have to hire an attorney and prove that its not you. So what do you think happend since you know you did not commit and crimes.

So you go to the expense not to mention all of the other implication that can come from being arrested. So you your attorney runs your background and they start looking at everything including why the warrants came up in the first place and they find that someone has stolen your identity and use your ID when they got arrested  not to mention that have taken out credit cards and you have never seen a bill for any of it.

Now the real problems begin you have to find out do all kinds of research and go to every part of your life and try to make changes to notify each and every governemt agency and bank, credit card company and the IRS just to name a few. If you think for one moment that this easy to do think again. It can have a dramatic affect on your life for years not to mention that cost associated with it.

The worst part is you cold have avoided it for less then the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee and protected your entire family. Want to know more just go to http://timrobbinstv.com/protect

Five Major Things That Can Destroy Your Life Today

  • Drivers License

  • Social Security

  • Medical Information

  • Character/Criminal Actions

  • Financial Transactions

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