People Struggling with Debt is at an all time high

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Debt Settlement and how it can help

If you are a person who is struggling to keep afloat and your bills are piling up your credit card companies have increased you interest rates you may never pay off you debt.

Think about this alarming numbers if you have $10,000 in Credit Card Debt alone! 

Assume your interest rate is 24%

Let’s assume you are making the minmum payment just keep up on $10,000 balance the payment is $70.00 per month

If you pay just the minimum payment it will take you 2,792 months to pay it off!

Which is in case you don’t know 232 Years Which means you will never be out of debt with just $10,000 credit card debt.  Over the life of the Credit card you will pay $197,306 back to them

But the fact is You will NOT live that Long

So there are four things you can

  • Increase you minimum payment and reduce your years to pay it off

  • You can go to Credit Counseling company and your payment will be $257.00 per month and you will pay off the card in 60 Months AND PAY BACK $15,443.00

  • You can go to a Debt Consolidation Company and your Payment would be $217.00 per month and it will take you also 60 months to pay it off. You will have paid back $13,045.00

  • Or you can have Debt Settlement your payment would be $229.00 per month and you will payoff the payment in 24 months and only have paid a total amount of money you will pay back is $5,500

Which Plan do you think wil help you the most to find out where you are go to

Help Yourself first because the Credit Card Companies won’t help you the want you to be in debt to them for the rest of your life. Ask Yourself this!

Which would you rather have




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