Why Seniors and Their Families Should Take the Reverse Mortgage Test to Find Out If it Will Work

It has become an epidemic in the world of senior citizens who are sitting in their home, worrying about how they will survive the many financial issues that may and will surface in their retirement years. Most seniors and their families just go through doing without the simple things like medicines, personal care items and other things that make their lives more comfortable. This does not have to happen since the majority of seniors whom own their homes are sitting on their largest portion of the estate right under their feet.

Here’s the problem; most of them do not even realize that they have a wealth of financial resources just sitting collecting dust in their home that they spent a lifetime of paying for and budgeting to make sure they paid off their home. It would able to take care of them in the Golden Years. When they purchase their home years ago when they were going to raise a family, no one told them about the real purpose of buying home really was going to be to them. The belief that the home was a place to raise their children and provide warmth and comfort was the only thing they could even think about at that time.

In the era of the seniors productive earning years they provided for their families, worked hard to keep a roof over their heads provide and care for their children, save and budget so they would be good parents. Now fast forward to today; they are now doing without and in many cases they are doing without too leave their kids something of value. The main issue is that they are still denying themselves of the things that they really need to live a life at the time in their lives that they should be enjoying their life. No one knows how the rumor got started, that parents are supposed to die and leave everything that they worked a lifetime to build to their children. As in many cases the children actually believe that they are entitle to inherit the fruits of their parent labors

Where has all this come from, can it be that the children really believe they should get anything, since they were raised, put through school and got three meals and day and in many cases even more! In today’s environment the children of seniors should only be concerned that their parents are able to provide for themselves and not be a burden on their children who in these trouble times are struggling financially themselves. With unemployment at and all time high and projected to go even higher over the next twelve months or so, many children across the country are having to move back home. In these cases it will place another hardship on their parents meaning additional expenses within the home.

Children of seniors should stop and think about the facts that their parents worked all of their lives, they did everything right from saving, pay off their mortgage and trying to provide for their retirement years. They listen to all of the financial gurus and the government who made provisions to save tax free and grow tax deferred and then from all of the greed throughout the world they got screwed in the end. Now at this unprecedented time in history with most pension, IRA’s and investment portfolios in ruin or at an all time low they need to look to other source of money to use to provide for their future. The future is now and in this ever changing environment and government changes they should seriosly think about the Reverse Mortgage before the Government Changes or does away with the most stable and most satisfying to seniors ever created.

The one place that they did make the safest and securest investment which did not start out that way was in their homes. It is stated that there is an estimate Two Trillon dollars in equity sitting around that many seniors could be using to provide for themselves and living a life that is safe and secure and not sitting up all night worrying.

The Reverse Mortgage is not for every person who is over the age of 62 but in addition to providing a safe and secure venue to access money which is tied up in homes, it will also provide a great financial planning tool for the estate of many seniors when it comes time for their children when the time comes to take care of the final estate issues. So if you are wondering about if and how a Reverse Mortgage can help you and your parents get relief take the test and see if it will work for you.

Tim Robbins,Sr I am a senior Reverse Mortgage Specialist. My main goal is to provide the best education resources available and to always place the seniors interest first and foremost. My website is designed to give you all the available information which you can review either in print or video by visiting http://seniorconsumerreport.com and take the Reverse Mortgage Test with no obligation just education which is the first step that every senior must take. And for all your senior resources you may need for a good life. Also contact me Toll free at 800-610-3599 for a Free Report All About Reverse Mortgages and to receive a Free DVD in the mail Click Here
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