Helping America by Paying-it-Forward

Happy Thanksgiving

As I sit giving thanks for the things and talents that I have been given, I am reminded of the Saying that has hit me the most in my life. There is no other saying that I have ever heard that has had more impact on my life, and it is not a cliché.

 The saying that has had such an impact on my life is Pay-It-Forward, so I have made this my passion in life to always work to pay-it-forward to every person I come in contact in my life. You are the next person I want to Pay-It-Forward too.  

That’s what brings to me to the reason of my post; it’s about helping people save themselves from being a target. The fact is that some               30 million people in 2010 will be hit by a major issue and the worst part is that most likely won’t know about it for six months after it happens.

 The stagger facts is 7 out of every 10 people in the US and Canada will in some way be hit with the largest single crime in history and it does not have to happen. The Crime is Identity Theft!

 Yes it is the number one single crime in America and Canada and it is doubling every year and one of the driving forces today is the economy.  

Think about this fact from the “Federal Trade Commission”   20,000 Children and Teens alone will have their identity stolen before they even have a chance to use it. “In 2010 alone”

 Like I said the worst part is that if they knew if or when it is going to happen they would want to do something to stop it before it’s too late. But it’s not too late for 80% of the population who is sitting out there as a big bold target just waiting to be hit. It will come that you can be sure of it just a matter of time.

 If you are in business or not I’m sure you know how important it is to give something that will have a major lasting impact on their lives. What better way to say I value you as a friend, then to educate them on the high probability that they will be hit sometime in their life! But if they take steps now they can avoid it from happening to them.

Not only can they protect themselves they can also insure themselves that if it happens they are fully covered and will have everything restore.

Let me ask you; do you know all of things that can happen to a person when their identity is stolen? Well there are over 101 real issues that can happen and it does not have to be this way. This is the really sad part; most people protect their home with insurance, they protect their lives, cars, businesses and boats not to mention they protect their health. But they don’t protect the biggest part of their lives; which is protecting them from losing the ability to being able to purchase any of the insurances listed not to mention receive credit or bank accounts just to name a few.

 The top five things that can be attack are:

1.    Drivers License

2.    Medical Records

3.    Criminal Record

4.    Credit and Financial

5.    Employment/ Social Security

 This is the scariest thing of all it can happen and they don’t even know about it until it’s too late, in fact 25% of all people who are victims of this crime won’t know it until 6 months after it has happened. It does not have to happen at all!

 If you would like to help me help people and Pay-It-Forward and get paid very well to help me then just go  and give a gift of personal security and peace of mind to everyone you know or will ever meet they will Thank you for it.  

If you would like to join me in the crusade to help people across America and Canada get the protection and security they so desperately need then go to today and let’s help people today.

Sincerely Pay-It-Forward

Tim Robbins

Concerned about People

About Tim Robbins

As a Professional I have been in the Marketing business for over 40 years, I mainly focus on the service to Business Owners and Company support. "Dedicated and committed to improving the Marketing of Businesses today" With Technology only ever dream of that will drive more business to your business. We are online,live and Monetized and mobilized and app up and we guarantee what we do. No If or Buts

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